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2024 Season

Training fully underway for 2024!


Each training session will take place weekly on Sunday mornings from 9am - 12 noon throughout the season except on a game day.


What you need in order to train

  • New/rookie players are allowed three training session before they must register with BAFA.

  • Returning players must be registered with BAFA before their first session

  • Kit

  • That's it!

What kit will I need?
The first training sessions of the season will be unkitted so both new and returning players will only need to come equipped with suitable sports gear for playing on grass (football boots preferable) and and water or towels that you might require - it is advised to bring water to each session.

Additional information
As the season develops we expect to have additional weekly 'classroom' sessions virtually to help understand your role on the team further and will also conduct midweek fitness sessions.

If you have any other questions about training, especially in 2024, feel free to contact the team via any of our social platforms or directly via email at



Coming soon.

2024 Season SCHEDULE

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