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the history of
the bombers

Your chance to learn more about the counties football team.

The Lincolnshire Bombers, a British American football team with a history dating back to the 1980s, have a remarkable journey of growth and resilience. In the heyday of the NFL's popularity in the UK, teams like the Scunthorpe Steelers, Boston Blitz, and Lincoln Bombers introduced American football to the people of Lincolnshire. However, when NFL interest waned in the 1990s, some teams folded or merged, temporarily leaving Lincolnshire without a senior American football team.

During this pause, two youth programs, the Haven/UCLA club in Boston (later becoming the Peterborough Saxons) and the UDL Longhorns, admirably kept the American football spirit alive in the region. In 2005, the Lincolnshire Bombers were founded by Iain Bushell, who was determined to revive American football in the area. The team's name is a tribute to the sport's historical significance in Lincolnshire and its connection to the Royal Air Force.

The Bombers faced initial challenges. They encountered financial difficulties and struggled with player recruitment, posing threats to the team's future. However, they established a strong partnership with the University of Lincoln's team, the Lincoln Colonials. This collaboration saw senior players coaching the Colonials and university players joining the Bombers during the summer, fostering a sense of unity and growth.

With improved management and recruitment strategies, the Bombers began to turn their fortunes around. In 2012, they secured their first victory in nearly six years, followed by a season with four wins, four losses, and two draws. While the 2013 season didn't meet the high expectations, the team's resilience and close ties to the university led to the appointment of a new Head Coach and a renewed sense of hope.

By 2014, the Bombers introduced a new recruitment setup and harnessed the power of social media to enhance their presence. They also relocated to Lincoln, which marked a new beginning. The season commenced with an impressive victory over the Conference Champions, the Shropshire Revolution. The Bombers continued to progress, achieving victories against strong teams and earning a reputation as the Underdog Team of 2014.

In 2017 and 2018, the Bombers continued to flourish and reached the British American Football Play-Offs for the first time in their history. A significant influx of players from our newly formed partnerships contributed to their success in 2017. In 2018, they secured a home play-off tie and made progress in the playoffs, though they narrowly missed the championship.


Despite this setback, their emergence as a formidable force in Division 2 became evident, solidifying their position in the league. The Lincolnshire Bombers' story is a testament to determination, growth, and the power of partnership. The Bombers continue to live through these lessons and take it with them even into the 2024 season, constantly working towards achieving our goals and aspirations. 

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